Great start to the new year!

Spending time with family is always special, but holidays are extra special to me. Ever since moving to pursue my music career, my parents have lived over 400 miles away from me, so every time I see them is a joyful, happy and special time for us all, but there is just a presents in the room on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc. that doesn't feel the same if family isn't there with me. This Christmas being my first in Nashville was quite a success! I bought Christmas gifts for the whole family on my own for the first time, so choosing each gift had thought put behind it and meaning in each present. Also finding all of the best holiday bargains was quite the quiz. It's like a life test to see how much money I can save! And everybody knows I've never been afraid to admit- I'm looking for the best deal. After Christmas and New Year's season slowed down it was time to face reality again, I needed a new apartment. Moving is probably one of the most complicated decisions I have ever had to make, simply because if you make one wrong decision you are still stuck with it for the next year, or more.  Luckily this time I think we got it right! I am now 15 miles closer to downtown, putting me directly where I need to be, in music city! Also this month I have gotten back over five rough mix songs already for the album. Anytime I hear original music fresh out of the studio it puts a smile on my face. Also we started booking for this years summer and fall shows! (Dates will be announced asap of course) ... so overall this month has been an unforgettable start to the year 2017. And I have never been ashamed to also thank God for the opportunities I have been given in my life, and I couldn't feel more blessed and thankful for you, yes you, reading this. Thank you. And everyone back home in West Virginia, I have not forgotten where I came from! You all made me who I am and I am thankful everyday for where I'm from. Growing up in my hometown for 17 years and then leaving was probably one of the hardest decisions to make for my life, but one I could never regret. 



Ever since I was a child I loved the song "White Christmas."

Ever since I was a child I loved the song "White Christmas." It was the song to always get me in the Holiday Spirit. As I grew up into singing gospel, more and more seemed to request "Little Drummer Boy" and "Mary Did You Know" when I performed, even getting asked to perform with my brother playing drums while I sang. Even now thinking back it seems cheesy but quite entertaining. Im still waiting on the return of the "Bunting Brothers" to hit the stage myself. Those are the Christmas tunes that will never get old to me, so why not put them all in one song? I sat in my bedroom and created a beat to make all the songs flow simply into a medley. Working on this by myself and getting into Christmas spirit this season has been simple for more reasons than one, including the medley. To hear the evolution of how I sang the older version of "Mary Did You Know" compared to me now. To hear the difference and see the growth in me is awesome. I love making people smile and forget about worries and problems and get lost in the music, and I feel that Christmas time does pretty much the same thing. Getting lost in the happiness of the holidays can make you forget about your worries and remember your blessings, which we could all use a little more of. Long story short I've enjoyed this Christmas prep. I hope this Christmas medley makes a couple homes a little more joyful this Christmas. Hold your friends close, family closer. Happy Holidays everyone, Merry Christmas. 



Seth Bunting has just dropped his debut single “That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout”! The song was released via Bobby Cyrus Entertainment and GMV Nashville. It marks Seth’s entry into the country music genre and his first steps into Nashville’s music scene. Seth Bunting co-wrote the song with Corey Barker and Anita Cox. “That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout” was recorded in the Kent Wells Studio in Franklin, Tennessee. Keep an eye out – Seth is set to release an album over the upcoming year.