Behind creating "Chrome Country"

Making my own original album has been the best experience of my life so far. Creativity has always ran through my veins and music has always been my platform to show opinion, emotion, and now to have songs that show my personal emotion, experiences and opinions behind every note and every lyric heard is such a relief after four years of keeping it all in. Starting back at my first song writing session, I knew this project would turn into something great. Through a process of cowriting with numerous talented souls, we had over 20 songs within two months or so, and we personally felt every single one could be a hit. Realistically, we got our song list down to our top 15 songs, which we didn't know in 2014 would turn into my current pop/country album, CHROME COUNTRY.   I have fought night and day for this art to have the best outcome possible. Every instrument hand-picked, every note written out and sang to perfection to have the final product that you hear on your device/radio. What is different about this album than any other artist? I asked myself that question at least once a day to make sure I kept on my correct concept track. This album is not a fluent country "boots, trucks and beer" album, in which there is nothing wrong with those, but that is just not authentically me. I brought you a mix of urban and guitar in a perfect blend (that metaphors my personal life, for I am a city/country boy) to create songs about stress relief, enjoying life as freely as possible, being happy, my role models, life obstacles, and of course break ups and make ups! I feel like this album speaks beyond measures compared to what mainstream "country" music is made to be today. I have so many goals as to what I hope my music does to you! I write my music to make you smile, I write music to make you cry, sing along, and hopefully forget all issues not pertaining to the storyline of the song that your hearing in that moment, because I do feel that every song on this album will relate to you in more than one way. We have been on this journey together, as my Fanbase has been updated at least once a week through my socials to make sure you know this project is coming. And we will continue this journey together through the release on May 19. That day has been the light at the end of my tunnel, but it's only the beginning of this journey. This album and so much more is ahead of me and I am so excited to share what else life will bring me through music in the future, that I hope you enjoy just as much/more! I cannot wait for the future, for it is the only thing we do not know, but what I do know is it will be great! 

Jason Mitchell