Seth LIVE @ Cafe Coco

My first year in Nashville was a weird time. I was still getting used to my surrounding and building new friendships and learning who I was as a person. It took me a while to really find my inner circle. In the process I would of course get social more often than not, but for my age going out has somewhat been an obstacle for me in Nashville. Think about it, the foundation Nashville was built on was their “bar” scene. Im yet to turn 21. hahaha Which is okay, and no mom I haven’t purchased a fake ID in my lifetime, so getting out and being social wasn’t the easiest starting out.

I realized there are more scenes to be explored of course, cafes, shops, restaurants, everything we come in contact with through our day to day lives is an opportunity, and I had to change my outlook. Now developed into a new project and in present day, I started networking and setting up my own meetings and connecting with new people and for these moments I needed the perfect place to hold conversation through process of what I was trying to do, and cafe coco was on that list. A Nashville original , 24/7 spot that can’t kick us out cause our meeting ran too long, all foods all day, it gave me an opportunity to have my colleagues drink a beer need be and me grab a coffee if wanted. It was just a very cozy comfortable space that held everything we needed in their walls. I’ve always felt so welcomed there so the first moment I realized I was about to reveal new music I immediately called them first to see if they wanted to be apart of this transition with me, and March 16 it was.

Now, to the good part; new music, why those songs, what covers, why. I knew new music was going to be apart of this show, but I didn’t want to give too much away for my preparation of the singles dropping soon, so I revealed 2 new songs from the upcoming project and the crowd accepted it so well. It made my heart full to look around and see people connecting with lyrics I had written alone, no cowriters, no studio equipment, just myself and the pen through years of writing, all now coming to surface for the first time and performing them. I performed a title track and a soft ballad to give a variety taste test. All flew over smooth, but it was an unplugged session so the full sound of the songs have yet to be revealed. I intertwined these new concepts with some old tunes from “Chrome “Country” that have meaning as well to me, and finally incorporating all my music into one show felt so right to me, it was the first step into the perfect direction.

My cover choices exemplified who was coming to mind when I was asked who influenced me the most in the writing process. Adele’s latest album was such a beautiful work of art I think we can all admit. In my style of music its definitely more vulnerable now, and Adele puts her heart on the table which is so admirable so I sang a little adele cover “ Send My Love” , along with the 1975’s “Somebody Else” considering how much this band means to me. If you haven’t heard if the 1975, check them out you won’t be disappointed. They’re a very honest group with social enlightenment lyrics and very outspoken opinions in the right fields that need to be talked about. This is the first band i’ve bought pit tickets to, and I don’t regret a thing. “Somebody Else” is just one of those songs you can dance or cry to, and had such an impact on me when I first moved here. Their songs were on repeat and I would drive around Nashville in the dark just getting to know my new city. These artists stand for something and have meaning in their songs, and thats what I want to strive for during my career as well. To bring highlight to important subject matter, to be vulnerable, to turn topics, our every day lives and thoughts into art.

I could’ve never put on the show without my best friends Stephan on guitar and Brittany on bgvs. Go to my instagram and give them a follow to keep up with their moves as well. Powerhouse playing and vocals is something everybody loves, and they have the most talent I have seen in individuals since moving here so it was an honor to have them on stage with me. Scroll through the pics below to see some shots from Cafe Coco March 16. Thank you guys so much for all your love and support. Stay on the lookout for new music.

Sue Bonham