When moving here four years ago, I never thought I would be able to release music as quickly as I did even with Chrome Country coming within two years of living here, now i’ve finished a new project in a whole new genre with new producers and as an independent artist. It feels so right to release it now, and Unexpected is just the beginning of this new journey. The EP coming up has a story to tell, and this single is of course a part of that story. In today’s society, were all so carried away with keeping up with criteria we haven’t even set for ourselves. Were worried about the future, past, friends, decisions, love, and in the age and stage of life were in right now, we don’t need to worry about anything but finding ourselves and what we want to do. Can I tell you a secret? I didn’t go to college because I wasn’t going to spend four years educating myself on something I didn’t know if i wanted for sure. I have been single for a while now because i’ve been loving myself, content with being alone. So many times have I seen my friends or others even get married because of simple peer pressure. Or they’ve just been together too long that they don’t know life without each other. What kind of love is that? Life is a wave, and we must ride it. Day to day we have God given encounters for a reason, and sometimes we never even notice. We are on our own lifepath, we are lingering souls individual and radiant on our own, so why rush decisions we make? Why rush the one life we get away? Take time to find yourself in this crazy world. Realize your needs and what you want to accomplish. I believe were all here for individual purposes, and take your time finding what yours is! Expect to have surprises on your journey is what i’m trying to say in this song. It is not our plan, it is God’s plan after all, so expect the unexpected.

Sue Bonham