Ever since I was young, I loved tattoos. I remember being so fascinated that someone could love something so much they wanted to print it on their body… and now years later here I am.

I never could decide of what I wanted my first one to be. My papaw passed away in a house fire a couple years ago, he was indian and loved dream catchers. He had many displayed around his house and his room, I always loved the culture aspect of it and how beautiful they always look and their meaning. It was just the whole package, and soon that tattoo will come, but on a beautiful windy day in the late fall of 2018 I decided it was time. Time for a change, time to take a risk, time to surprise myself. I didn’t want to do the full dream catcher idea yet because that one means so much to me and I want it to be a bit larger in a specific spot, but for my first one I needed something small and meaningful just to see how it went and make sure I liked it, I dont know I suppose just for my mental security I guess.

One day my mother texted my while this was on my mind (as she does every morning) and the text said “ Wake up sunshine its a new day. I love you endlessly” and it dawned on me. An epiphany moment was happening as my memories races back to my childhood when she sang to me “You are my sunshine…” and how much the words set with me. I bring a smile to her face when clouds are grey. I could never understand how much I meant to her, and she begged for me to stay. I always intend to go out into the world every day and try to bring a smile to someones face. Ive always been that way. Life is too short to get caught up in small, unmeaningful, negative moments. That song planted a small seed inside my soul growing up that grew into a large tree and made so many paths in my life different all because it was a lullaby that had meaning and a phrase that everyone needs to hear. YOU are my sunshine… stay positive folks!

Sue Bonham