I am in the era of freedom

I am in the era of freedom. A generation has never had so much technology as mine; to connect and grow and learn from the outside world. Even this that your reading right now has been brought to you via internet. The basic platform of our social lives majority now relies off technical devices. This generation is the generation of love, self love. Happiness in all shapes, sizes, colors. I feel we must remind ourselves exactly what that entails, and not caring what others think is just the start.

Trust me, I know its hard not caring. We all care a little bit, admit it. You care what grandma see’s on your social feed? Right. haha But keeping grandma in mind we must remain who we are. Our original character that creates us individual from all others; special.

Don’t get lost in the impressions you make, get lost in being yourself. Thats what catches eyes. Those are the people that make movements, create original pieces, believe in the power of self, through God of course. lol In order to make a movement, one must step away to create it. In order to gain freedom you must break away, tear down walls, pass the borders and be yourself while on the journey.




Jason Mitchell