At a young age, Seth Bunting found a passion for singing. He was raised in West Virginia where he was surrounded by gospel, country, and pop. Throughout the years Seth sang as often as possible, finding a stage and an audience for anyone who would listen. He was actively singing in church, in theatrical performances, and competitions from the age of five to 15. It was at one of these competitions that Seth was discovered by a talent scout. Through THIS, Seth was able to continue his passion further but writing, recording, and performing his upcoming album at the time, now known as “Chrome Country” released spring of 2017.

His first single, “That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout” marked his debut to the country music world, co-written by the talented Anita Cox and Corey Barker. The song is an up-tempo melodic country song that displays Seth’s vocal talent, but not everything he could give just yet of course. From his childhood Seth loved pop music and the emotion, feeling and stories he could write in it. He used this leverage to give his country album a bit of twist, original flavor, so called “polish,” hence the title “Chrome Country!” It was in this timeframe where scheduling and timeframes became a hinder to Seths educational experience and got homeschooled for his last two years and graduated early to relocate his life from West Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee where is currently co-writing, traveling, and collaborating with local musicians while we wait the release of his newest tracks.

Since that debut album he has been thankful for the moment but preparing for the future, steady working towards the next goal. While promoting and performing during the last four years, he was also writing every day. Finding his purpose in life, music, and finding himself along the way. With full creative control and a new perspective in his writing, Seth has found the niche needed to bring out his true sound. “Writing music isn’t about genre, beat, or if you can dance to it. It’s about the passion and statement your making in the song with your lyrics. Thats why Im taking my time with the next work, I’m making sure to draw a full picture with my words in this new project…” Seth says.

Finding the passion and meaning in lyrics seems to be a tendency for Seth considering his new podcast with fellow musician and best friend Brittany Bishop, where the breakdown song lyrics, pop culture news, and conspiracies every Friday on their new streaming platform “Two Birds Cacthin’ Up!” It took Seth a long time to feel welcome and find his circle amongst the many in Nashville, but now he considers this place home. “I’m too wonderlust to ever stay in one place forever, but Nashville has been much better to me than I expected and I feel my time here is unfinished.”

As hinted years ago, Seth is now completely prepared for his soul/pop debut and has an overwhelmingly excited urge to give it to the world. He can’t wait for the new music to be revealed and his truth to be told.